Roxame . Aims and General Structure

Main commands

For an introduction to Roxame.1, see the hands-on tour.

For Roxame.2, the general command schema is : format ~ content. See below, or directly formats and contents


Roxame.1 creates by the combination of algorithmes and random choices, using abstract constructors or external documents (mainly images).

Roxame.2 is designed as an artist in the full sense of the word: an autonomous sorfware that produces works of art by its own "personal lines". To stress this autonomy in front of artistic "tools", we shall use the female pronoun "She" instead of "It". Please don't infer that her father forgets that she is the creation of a human developer. But, once launched, she works autonomously, and her "father" refrains from doing any modification of the result (if not, sometimes, a color adaptation to a printer). Somehow, Pierre Berger is the father of Roxame, but only the grandfather of her works.

Roxame.2 presents herself as a demand answering program, formulated as a pair : format ~ content. For example webi ~ Pierre will produce a .html text listing all the lines containing "Pierre", and giving access by links to the documents.

format uses a set of algorithms to produce a large set of art formats and medias, the size varying from one bit (binary nswer to a question) to a film, including texts, images, comic books. For instance webi will produce a simply structured html file with a basic display of images and links.

content calls a selection of data, using a database, each record being partly structured (year, content domain, location and several evaluative parameters) and a free text part. Pierre for instance, will select all the lines containing this word in the free text part.

In the following pages, we present Roxame as a tool, beginning with the commands, followed by "philosophy" notes and ending with programming tips.

The Processing code :
- Roxame The "main", with a lot of global variables declarsions, and the R() function for segmentation
- Dico Dictionary functions, for loading, sorting and saving, for the complementary dico and dicodat files

Programmin hints

 preInit : initializes some variables at start

Scroll : displays what is done
Log : creates a file with the executed operations ; that is done for ulterior printing of reports

The categories

Some categories can begin in upperCase. For these, the termx are listed in dicoData (included in the data directory). The other ones are in dico (included in the Roxame root directory).
These two directionaries are merged when Roxame is launched.
The aim is to separate "public" terms , publicly shared from "private" terms, which can vary from one user to another one.

macro_ Macro_
color Color
subDirectory SubDirectory
comment Comment
doc Doc
doce Doce
generator Generator
list List
parameter Parameter
position Position"
region Region
service Service


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