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Main commands

You must first load a part of the base, typiing either ROX, BART, SPIR or FAM. See Database

Alain is the simplest case, the string is considered as a word to be found (that is, in the base, a string between spaces)

$Alain the string Alain is looked for, be it surrounded by spaces or not (for instance, if it is part of link)
$lain is a shortened string, useful for instance to collect various cases in the first characer
£Alain is the same as $Alain, but independently of the upper or lowercase (not operating properly at present)
Alain|Hugo will give the lines containing one of or both words (logical OR)
Alain&Hugo will give only the lines containing the two wods (logical AND)
Alain%2 the first part is taken as a word, the second one indicates the base colum where the word has to be looked for
** selects the whole called sub-base

Let's use FAM

Then a string of characters ending with a suffix, for instance

The string may include prefixes and logical operations.

If there would be no occurrence or the word Pierre, Roxame would display unsuccessful search. In this case, il will display
successufl search
190 hits the total number of pertinent lines
base lines 88 : just lines in the base, without links (or not processable links)
texts 1 , lines pointing on accessile text files
images 101 lines pointing on images
sound 0 lines pointing on sound
films 0 lines pointing on films

Now we have a content, than we can express according to a format, for instance comic.

Then we can be more authoritative on the selection , for instance with the commands

Sabs, preceded by a number, dintes the number of lines of the selection, in absoute value
Sprops, does the same, in proportions.

Then, if this number is different from the number of hits above, Roxame has to fill it (properly speaking filling if the number is smaller thanthe full selection, and "cross" it, in the opposite case.

Kind of selection

Slast case 1460 : targetKind = 0 ; the last lines as they are in the present base file
Sfirst case 1461 : targetKind = 1 ; the first lines as they are in the present base file
Sold case 1462 : targetKind = 2 ; the first lines by order of date
Srecent case 1463 : targetKind = 3 ; the last lines by order of date
Srare case 1464 : targetKind = 4 ; the lest used
Scommon case 1465 : targetKind = 5 ; the most used
Sgray case 1466 : targetKind = 6 ; the less saturated, gray
Sbright case 1467 : targetKind = 7 ; the most saturated
Spoor case 1468 : targetKind = 8 ; the less complex
Srich case 1469 : targetKind = 9 ; the most complex
Shated case 1470 : targetKind = 10 ; the worst "love" marks
Sloved case 1471 : targetKind = 11; the best "love marks"
Srandom case 1472 : targetKind = 12 ; drawn at random

opt no sort

treeg case 1501 : treeGo(1);
trees case 1502 : treeGo(2);
treee case 1503 : treeGo(3);
treem case 1504 : treeGo(4);
treep case 1505 : treeGo(5);
treel case 1506 : treeGo(6);
treen case 1507 : treeGo(7);
treea case 1508 : treeGo(8);
treef case 1509 : treeGo(9);

Programming tips

The code : Qwery The Query functions

(Old) The query is a string followed by the .wl (possibly .wa) suffix
.wd refWordW = strlocloc;
.ws refWordW = strlocloc; searchWord();
.wl refWordW = strlocloc; targetSearch();

Main variables

targetKind : the kind of selection targeted

Main functions


targetSearch() is the function called by .wl

it calls for searchWord(0) , which produces a Select.txt file, which contains the basic answer to the query, independent of parameters

then loads this Select.txt file

it computes the number of lines to be provided (tAbs), either given directllyt by Sabs, or in proportion by Sprops.

if there are enough lines in the selection, it sorts Select, using textSort, parameted by the comands Slast etc. (targetKind parameter)
whic produces a SelectI.txt file, which is loades by targetSearch

then targetSearch copies the appropriate number of lines (the first ones in the sorted file) from SelectI into Select_S

hen targetSearch copies the appropriate number of lines (the first ones in the sorted file) from SelectI into Select_S

this Select_S file will be the basis for the format files ( web ,... ) . At end, targetSearch calls for answerAnalysis (Select_S)


searchWord(int resultType)
resultType is assigned by the prefixes .ws (0) or by the calling function targetSearch (0) (1 was called by .wa and provided a HTML file)

the function analyse the query (refWordW)


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