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A first tour and demo

An exploration of the main commands

Roxame is basically an antonomous being, initially oriented to painting, but later extending its uses and in 2015 merging into MyS.

It does not allow other interactions channels than the keyboard.

The possible words are listed in dico. This file, when you launch Roxame, is done by combining two files
- dico proper, with general functions and documents
- dicodata for assets specific to a given user

dico will display the dico, and you will come back into the program with TAB (see below the other functions on dico). Nota : the navigation in dico is not easy by this way, and most generally, it is more easy to access it directtly as a .txt file

If you type a word with the suffix .c, you will generally get some comment about this word

dicoHTML will prepare you a HTML verion of dico, integrating the comments. The text is saved in the Roxame/Sas directory

You can type several words on one line. But the order is not indifferent. Generally, an action word must come after it's specifying parameters.


Then enter in the demo proper.

You can use Roxame a servant and drive her step after step, order Roxame to work serially, which was its normal operating way as Roxame.1. With Roxame.2, we enter the format~content dialog described in the introduction.

any line will draw some lines with randomly selected parameters; try several times, since sometimes the parameters will show now result (for instance if they ask for the drawing of a white line on a white screen). If it fails, type one line, since one will reset the parameters to the basic ones.

square will draw a square

h draws an horizontal line, edge to edge, at a random height;
v does the same vertically.

Change the color. There are several dozens of colors in Roxame, Try for instance blue, yellow or black. At this stage white wo'nt do anything. See it later.

paint Change hollow forms for full ones: you can get back to hollow with draw

Manh loads this image
next loads the next one in the same directory

Now apply filters, for instance blue_toning (beware the wording, the underscore is necessary) or contours

nww will save your masterpiece (go and see it in the current disk ), reset the parameters and open a white page.

Last tested 2016/09/ 11

one square   (line triangle circle, ellipse)
paint/draw  triangle
red h blue v
thin  thick
narrow wide
large small
rigid  frenzied mad
any triangle,
any black lines


sym sym_h  sym_v  sym_d

Image loading
crop, //clip_no, complement
//ananas   Magritte   Redgirl (??
mise en réserve, rechargement
répertoires et fichiers

Pixels separately
graying   smart_graying    BW
red  blue…   filler  snow
blue-toning    green_toning   bister_toning ,   4 poster
sat+ sat-   lighten  darken   poster  val_filter.rd
(hue rotation marche pas)
Pixels by groups
fuzz   median  ranfuzz pixelize
250 median_num
gradient  contours
x z   xxx ZZZZ
Segments and classes
classify  showclasses
next segment2
CF_landscape     portrait   segment0   puis sur les cases
Positions dans la page :

additive subtractive imperative
tabim3  tabim4 

Text dispaying

Measurement, evaluation, critique

From images to film



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