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Main commands

Editing and control : checke checki and checky (not operational checkt checkw overview). Corrections can be brought back from checky to a file of the base using chby

One bit : boole (to be implemented)

One byte : octet (to be implemented)

Pure text : webe survey (abour a request) critique (about an image) comment (about a dico item) item (on a diccan term), compta

Simple illustrated text : webe and webi (not operational webt webw) imatom redactor (in Report)

Just one image:
- the simplest: image
- monochrome filters: blue_tone green_tone bronze_tone sepia_tone gray_tone BWhite
- color palettes: Cohenn Tifine Quadri
- complex filter: s etch dither differpix contour gradients blurr ranfuz medians median250 sharpened postes pixelz negativ
- changing completely the image chosen: abs0 abs1 kross sapla Abyme Clatext Contapla
- adding letters: synthe4 Phrases Phrases1

Image file formats (the screen display is reduced for large formats) :

TestD: 360.288 a small format, useful for tests on long series or algorithms
BD: 640.480 The former standard format for Roxame
SD: 720.576
HD: 1280.720
A4L: 1485.1050 A4 landscape
A4P: 1050.1485 A4 portrait
FHD: 1920.1080
4KM: 3480.2160
: 4096.2160

Complex text and image formats : guide (see below) book, critic

Page formatted : guide comic

Film : film

Sound : sound ( not yet implemented)


Some 8 bits the answer to a numerical question.

Roxame gives automatical such answers when you enter the content part of the query, displaying the number of hits (unsuccessfu query if there are none) and their distribution into simple lines, images, etc. s

Some thousands of bytes are given for a web command, just a list of the contents with links. A little more for post, which includes links on images. See text formats chapter

Image and comparable formats (synth4, abstract) need as 24 bits for each pixel. Then it depends on the image size chosen. By default, its the HD format (1280.720). See the images chapter.

comic and album are mainly set of images. See the comics and albums chapter

Films are the bit heaviest formats. 71 Mb for our Le lac short (1,36 minutes). This command does not provide direcly a film, but a succession of frames, that have to te translated in film using software like Magix.

Formats can be more or less appropriate according to the results of the selection. If the gap is too wide, Roxame will have to do the splits and go quite fare frome the selection meaning. But maybe that's exactly what you are looking for ...

post. a number of lines between 1 and 500, which can include links on films or any document
book let'say 10 000 lines, images to be deduced
image one image
comic some 15-15 images or short texts
album 20-200 pages, each containing a text and a picture
sound a sound file
film 500 frames

Intermediary generations
case 104 : scriptGen(); break ; // scriptgen also service 1400

One bit
The decisional query. Is that true of false. Do you have data on that.
Expert systems do that (is the proposal true)

Some bits
E.g. recognition in a feature space

Programming tips

The code : Formats The hub for Format functions

All the formats load the Select_S file as input.


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