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Textual formats

Roxame uses text in muliple manners (See specific notice). Let's deal here with textual formats to be realized from a query.

Some thousands of bytes are given for a web command, just a list of the contents with links. A little more for post, which includes links on images.


web Just a HTML file out of the Select_S file.


letter at present, done for albums


booki (the i is added in the command to avoid confusions). assembes the .txt files called for in the selection


01 post prepares a text, under diccan's format, from Select_S
02 post prepares an illustrated text (done for Paris churches) with images, starting from a prePost.txt file prepared by the prepost command.

assemble : asSemble(); to combine tests

assemble void asSemble() {

Indexes in diccan

See applications for diccan

Assembly of files

the fileAss () function assembles the atomic texts in a given directory


(A private application).
comptaedit 1421 comptaEdit()compta Service 0002 000 1421 compta.c Comment 000 000 accountancy sends to void .
Procedure to be followed : Compta_2015 tload compta
See what does the function comptaEdit__()


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