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Roxame's global Structure

Main commands


Roxame uses the basic starting structure of processing, with two very short functions :

import* ; import java.util.* ;

Programming tips

The code:

zkeypress The GUI functions : Affich() for display and keypress() for keyboard inputs

Roxame The "main", with a lot of global variables declarsions, and the R() function for segmentation
Dico Dictionary functions, for loading, sorting and saving, for the complementary dico and dicodat files

File Functions to load files
zDdo The lumber romm for a lot of functions, incuding the central Ddo and Read()
Tools Diverse tools for generation

Roxame uses the basic starting structure of processing, with two very short functions :

import* ; import java.util.* ;

void setup()
frameRate = 30;
size(displayWidth, displayHeight); //default value
// size(300, 400);
colorMode(RGB, 255, 255,255);

void draw() {
if ((isenpause == false)&&(stkl>0)&&(fileLoading == false)){
Affich(); }

setupAux initializes a lot of variables and loads the dictionary. Then draw hands over to the Ddo function, which is the central operational hub.

At start, setupAux has assignet the value !!!a_day as "wordtobeddone".

!!!a_day is a macro_ with three commands : one_ : !!!work

one_ initialises the graphic parameters all white filler center big isocele AA sienna ascend subtractive thin homoth rigid cold draw
: sets in pause, wainting for new commands
!!!work is the main recursive loop in batch operation : !!!work macro_ 5118 000 english !!!wact nww !!!work

You launch a batch processing with the $ key, then the !!!wact action will be indefinitely reiterated in loop the !!!wact action, then nww store the result and reinitialise the values or a new work
At prexent : wact !!! is !!!action0008

You can stop (generally it works) such an iterative work with the Space key.


Roxame is a group of more and more automated "agents" used by Pierre Berger to foster his intellectual, artistic and social activities. This set is constantly growing and increasing its coherence.

Roxame are also artists and providers of works. An anwser to the desires and/or demandes of real or potential spectators. In particular a demand for emotion.

Roxame share a base of assets (mainly texts and images) and algorithms for generation and evaluation (mainly developed for Roxame).

Roxame evokes alsi the "living" feature of the system. Ideally, it would be permanently alive, with its own cycle of information gathering, assimilating and producting.

Technically, .txt is very efficient as a basis for general storage, with interfaces and generators for images and HTML (this is partly done on Sept. 21, 2015).

One of fascinating aspects od Roxame is their hyperconnection, their sharing of resources. Everything becomes available or any type of work. Data, texts, images and algorithms are all assets for diccaneers.
But we choose the plural "diccaneers" express this cooperation, though a more "individual" name like Mys (My System), Roxame or Diccan could shoulder the whole set. Such a plural opens also the way for future collaboration with other developers, artists or any person interested in some form of cooperation.

Roxame can also be seen as an assistant, a productivity tool. It the cas for instance with the acquisition process, standardized through "zSas", but for some exceptions (such as bibliographical referennes).

For Berger, it is the continuation of a lifelong story of methodical memorizing, from school to journalism. A search for exhaustivity (Descartes) as well as integration.



The trabshumanist aspect

Finall, the Roxame will end in pilferage of my resources in order to develop themselves freely. Haha.

2015 2 ML MyS se met en place, devient un "outil de productivité. !
Réunit .txt et images.
On a unne base de ressources. testes et images et une panoplie d'algorithmes
de génération et d'évaluation.

Tout entrer par le sas est une simplification plus qu'une contrainte.
Reste a bien monter la base et les mises à jour.

En même temps montée d'une capacité de concentration.
Effet de ce travail méthodiqque
de ma psychologie
des méditations dans les églises ?

At start, domain <-> file name.
but since in Base I have the path, I could keep only the couple domain/file name.
thereafter, what when I change
- the location (subdirectories) of the ile
- the domain
- the correspondence table

In any case, I must do the changes through an ad hoc interface. =

Rough -> Art
My scheme shows well how "too much" art may spoil good design. Typically in architeture/


From chaos to meaning

bit, pixels (atoms)
V1, Open CV

models, features .
formal, science, slax, clean
cetaintty (clean ?) tuomata

beyond : art, literature, poetry, transgression

1. "semantics" : meaning.1. signs, signifiers, signified
transcendantal constitution

Paul Graham : le photographe anglais a utilisé la surexposition pour évoquer la misère américaine (LM 27/8/2016à


random :

from data, even exhaustive (says Le Boucher). precisely : no. the data ar not exhquasite, they are marked by holes and contraditions


2. size of the concept in the L function
evaluation, partial totao
neural network sutructure
substitutes : God, the church, ad majorem dei gloriam , the common good (see Rawls ?)
tu aimeras to prochain ... caritas prior ad proximos


evolution avec le progrès de l'humanité et Moore
More and more space betwent perception and action (knowledge and its use)
less and less "evident", "inutive", and more and more externalized
e.g. from aristotlean rhetoric to formal logic and automata

my memories: tympan of Vezelay on quadrilated paper

gratuity of maths and ard


Redo everything around emotion (deman will come just under)
Rox play/acts to reach passionate level (at times, with moments of recollection)

List all the factors.
Two dimensions : effects if mood, effects for each factor
( a demand is a positive emot factor if Roxame is in need or money or boring

1. some format and queriez are preferred or hated (e.g. rare/frequent)
2. quality of correspondence between query and format.
if the gap is small, it is easy and boring
it the gap is higy, its difficult and challenging

3. emotional aspects of the content. "natural" life, carnation, greebn death.
direct semantics (death and suffering are direct)iconic/indexical
indirect semantics : symbolic

balance of the base
- % of not recognized linkd
- % of "fight" words

4. internal autonomous. cenaethesia, duration, battery level

5. effects of the mood on the production

Sur un groupe : moyenne bof, median compliqué

the typical emotion of ecah value, the most frequent


Play on the iconic/indexical /symbolical scale
symbolic is more abstract, more arstistic