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Buy works of Roxame

These offers are "experimental" and subject to changes in time to come

Roxame works are available on various forms.

1. Publicly free

The works are public. You can dowload them, enjoy them a leisure on your scree or have them printed. In everey case, you take the engagement of not changing them on any way, and in particular to remove the signature and indications watermarked in the work, be they visible or not.

2. Free to Club members

The conditions are the same than above, but only members of Roxame's Club can download them, with an appropriate password.

3. Paper prints

Once your choice made in the Gallery, you send us a check pour the appropriagte amount, and they will be rapidly sent to you by Posal Service.

Unless otherwise specified, all editions are limited to ten prints. Then, if you buy the ten print of a given picture, it will be de facto exclusive to you. (But you don not get the right to republish them, or only by specific agreement).

These works are printed on paper in the following standard formats :
- "Christmas card", an A4 format with the image printed on half size on one side. (We can send you assorted wrappers if desired)
- A4 format (possibly varnished).

The price, postal fees included, is
- 5 euros for a Christmas card (25 euros for the full set of ten)
- 10 euros for an A4 format (50 euros for the full set of ten).

4. "Canvas" prints

Roxame's paintings are at their bests, as real "trestle paintings" when the paper print is appropriately varnished and mounted on cavas. Here we offer two formats
- The high level formats are printed on high quality archive paper, thent mounted on canvas and varnished, ton ensure a maximum power ot the image and an long lasting conservation (several decades, possibly even a century, according to the current documentation. On this quality level, we offer at present two satandard formats
- 5P (27.
- 12F (61.46 cm).

The price, postal fees included, is
- 200 euros for a 5P, 500 euros for an 12 F.

To be sure of your choice before acquiring a Canvas print, we recommend you to order first a Paper print. The price for this one will be deduced from your final order.

5. Works painted specially for you

See the ways and means page.

5. Preliminary information and/or payment

We do not offer on-line payment at present. Just send a check with appropriate information for the postal expedition.

In any cas, you can phone to Pierre Berger 336 626 054 39 or send him an e-mail on

You can also call Anna Arduini 336 076 678 03 or

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