Project : Polyptiches and comic strips

A fascinating development axis for Roxame is the Comic strip book, for at least two reasons;

- 1. Paintings, aiming to be hanged in the living rooms, are by nature static. Some kind of dynamics may be reached wit polyptyches, specially tryptiches, which are rather present in contemporary Art. Roxame has done some. For instance :




But comic strip afford a much wider scale of types and dynamics, from the isolated page, valuable by itslef, to the full book or series of book, with persistent characters, objects and sites.

2. Comic strip is a rich space of images into which can be project words. The sequentiality of each picture may be played as a graphical instrument to translate the sequentiality of text or to make image and text play in counterpoint.

Roxame has just began to explore this way, at an individual page level, as shows the below examples. In both cases, Roxame has generated, partly at random, b the segmentation of the page in a sequence of frames. Then

- in the firsa history is generated by assembling simplistic schemas,
- in the second, shapes are drawn at random in each frame, but the colours are computed from an external image.



But that just the start point into into wide horizons ! And the Roxame way is not the unique path to explore the computer use in comic strip creating. It seems that, until now, animation films and video games are more attractive to computer graphic artists than the comic strip. Beyond the flourishing production of computerd aided animation films, let us quote here the rather Roxame-like approach of a chinese team.

It must be said that the remarkablelevel of sophistication reached to day by the human artists sets very high the challenge for an artist computer like Roxame.

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